Shibashi Tai Chi Instructor and Bowen Practitioner

Jane Snell
Shibashi Tai Chi

Shibashi Tai Chi

I teach 5  local classes in West Somerset. For more information please contact me at home in the evening to discuss the different venues and times. I charge £39 for a block of 6 classes or £8 if you pay as you go.

Bowen Therapy

Bowen Technique

£48 for the first treatment and £42 thereafter. I initially recommend between 1- 6 consecutive visits as Bowen is a progressive treatment that allows the body time to get to the 'cause' of the symptom, followed by maintenance treatments every 6-8 weeks or to suit your needs to keep on top of the condition.

Tai Chi Bang

Tai Chi Bang

There are 13 principle techniques common to all Tai Chi styles.  They are broken down into 8 hand movements and 5 directions of footwork.
Tai Chi Bang consists of 19 movements, broken down into 9 Principles.  
4 Hand movements and 5 feet movements. 
The 4 Hand Movements are: - 
1. Ward Off left and Ward off right
2. Roll back i.e. Repulse Monkey
3. Press Hands i.e Go with the Flow
4. Push Hands i.e Pouncing Tiger
The Five directions of foot work are: -
1. Central Equilibrium i.e. Playing the Flute in Horse Riding stance
2. Step left and Step right i.e. Brushing the Knee
3. Front or forward walking i.e. go with the flow
5. Back or backward walking i.e. Repulse Monkey.